TieFy : Find Text in Shared Folders
Searching in Dropbox, SkyDrive, LAN, SVN, CVS...
TieFy supports search in relative paths, which makes it perfect for searching in your documents in the cloud (Dropbox, SkyDrive etc.), LAN, version control system (SVN, CVS etc.) or even optical media (BD, DVD, CD) and flash drives.

To set-up such environment you only have to do the following:

  1. Copy the TieFy files to a location in the synchronized or shared folder
    For example, consider that you need to search in your documents in a Dropbox folder which is "C:\Dropbox". You need the application and the index to be available along with the documents, so copy TieFy files to "C:\Dropbox\TieFy"
  2. Edit your configuration "Settings.ini" file and set the location of the index to a folder in the same tree.
    For example:
    # The index will be set in the "index" subfolder of the current location of TieFy
    IndexLocation = .\index
    You are basically ready, but to make index updating simpler, you can also add a default location of your documents:
    # On each running of TieFy, the index for its upper directory documents will be refreshed
    RefreshIndexOnSearch = ..\
    With this change, you ask TieFy to run a background update of the index each time when you launch the search.
  3. Relative paths can be also used for the graphical tool for index building"TieFy.indxw.exe":